I want to tell you about Word Press WEB DORADO in the hopes that you will take a look at what this company has to offer in web site building and designing. I found them late in the game although I was able to use their plugins for photo gallery and a host of others. The support system that this company believes in and stands for is nothing but outstanding. I have dealt with a lot of other companies that never get back to you. Web Dorado will do anything and everything in their power to either fix an issue or simply answer a question. I have grown very close to this group and a programmer named Zhanna. As many of you know, I never set out to be a web designer. Without their guidance and support there would have never been an improved updated site. Customer service is so important in web designing if you are new or are a pro. Zhanna and her team went out of their way to help me understand web programming and design, even if it was not about their programs and plugins. Secretly, I think they helped me so much because of my Dad. The name "Dad" is how they have become to know him. The team knew how important this site meant to me. Thank you to Zhanna and the Web Dorado team for all of your great efforts and support. The education with Web Dorado will continue as I strive to make this web site more educational for you, the love for my Dad, and VINTAGE DRAG RACING at it's best.

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