Conde’ Nast Traveler Magazine February 2004

Saber Jet Classics Fall 2005 (Airplane Magazine)

Motorsport Mag.  December 2007

Quarter- Mile Muscle By Larry Davis

Three Weeks in March by Mickey Bryant

Hot Rod Magazine February 1953

Gasser Wars Drag Racing’s Street Classes 1955-1968 Larry Davis

Rodder’s Journal #27 - 18 page spread

Rodder's Journal #28

Rodder's Journal #24

NHRA 50 years of Drag Racing Wally Parks only freelancer in the book (Terry Spohn Editor)

The Fast Lane The History of NHRA Drag Racing of the '60s by

Ultimate Stock Car by Bill Center

Lost Hot Rods by Pat Ganahl

Lost Drag Strips II by Scotty Gosson

Cars  (East Coast Mag.)

Rodder and Superstock Magazine June Issue of 1966

Rodder and Super Stock Magazine May Issue of 1968

Super Stock Drag Racing the Family Sedan by Larry Davis

Total Performers Ford Drag Racing in the 1960’s Charles Morris

American Drag Racing by Robert Genat

Modern Rod (New York Magazine)

T.V. Tommy Ivo Drag Racings Master Showman by Tom Cotter

Factory Lightweights Detroit's Drag Racing Specials of the '60s by Charles R. Morris

Gears, Grease and Guitars A Documentary by Mike Olafson  2008



Drag Pix By Pete

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