Photos on this website were taken by "Pete" Garramone unless otherwise noted. The time frame of these photos start in 1953. Most were taken at the tracks in Colorado before 1972. Others were taken in California , Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Great Bend Kansas and at the 1960 AHRA Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri. Included, also, are some photos taken at the California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, CA.

Hard copy photos are available by contacting me directly. They are actual photographs, not computer driven images. The copyright does not appear on the front of purchased photos as they are here. The copyright appears, instead, on the back of each photo.

What you'll see here is the evolution of drag racing that occurred all across the nation.

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The Early Years

Continental Divide Raceway

Other Drag Strips

AHRA Nationals

Heth &Thompson

Street Rods - New & Old

Funny Cars

Door Slammers

Tommy Ivo

More Ivo

Ivo In Colorado

Flathead Inline Nats.


Early Dragsters

Dragsters Continued

Exhibition Cars



Sports Cars

Bill Franklin


More Gassers

Mile High T

Alan Bockla

National Cars

Colorado Dragsters in Color

Colorado Dragsters in B&W

More Street Rods

Bonneville 2000

High Altitude Nationals

People At The Drags

Speed World 2007

2000 California
Hot Rod Reunion

2002 California
Hot Rod Reunion

2003 California
Hot Rod Reunion

2004 California
Hot Rod Reunion

2006 California
Hot Rod Renunion

Colorado Street Rods

Bill Rice Tribute

Restored Colorado Dragsters

Bement’s Amazing Engines

ColoRODans Cackerfest 2013

My Cars and Friends Cars

Unidentified Dragsters

By clicking on the links below, you will be able to view thousands of great drag racing pictures, many of which were taken by Robert “Pete” Garramone. All of these pictures are copy protected so if you want to use any of them, you must contact Pete for approval. There will be new pictures being added almost every day so check back often for new pictures. Enjoy the pictures, but please obey the copyright rules listed on this site.

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